6th Transition International Queer Minorities Film Festival 2017

2017-10-31|22:17 · von MiGaY


Welcome to the 6th International Queer Minorities Film Festival, TRANSITION 2017!

Unable to find ourselves in popular media, every year since 2012, we create a festival focused on and for Queer migrants, refugees, people of colour, women*, trans* folx, dis/abled people.

As Europe and Austria continues its march towards right-wing populism and the implosion of anti-minority sentiment, this year under our slogan, we ask you to CLAIM YOUR SPACE, make your voice heard, and resist!

- All screenings will take place at Schikaneder Kino (Margaretenstraße 22-24) and there is free seating.

- The location is barrier-free and wheelchair accessible through the door on the right.

- Tickets will go on sale from 1 November - 17 November, everyday from 16:00 - 22:00 at Schikaneder Kino at the festival centre.

- Get your tickets first day of sale on 1 November and get a free festival bag, program, sparkling wine and meet the festival team.

- Reduced prices apply for school and university students, people over 65+ and people with dis/abilities.

- There is no ticket reservation this year, so buy your tickets ASAP.

- Closing & opening party is entrance free.

- We accept "Kulturpass" for all events.


#transitionvienna #transition2017 #claimyourspace


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